TENTINNS was originated in 2012- the first brand which can truly create assembled and mobile “camping tents& mobile commercial space”. TENTINNS is a distinctive manufacturer in tent architectural design and manufacturing and then serves for the customers who pursue for high quality and high taste grade.

  • 13
    13 years to do
    only one thing,make
    a good tent!
  • 2000
    The amount of customers
    over 2000
  • 15
    The highest tent built by
    over 15 meters
  • 34
    Collaboration with over
    34 camping bases
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  • About Tentinns

    TENTINNS (tent home) belonging to Barber Rui (Beijing) International Construction Technology Co. Ltd. is the first brand in 2010, China manufacturing real assembling "mobile Hotel tents and mobile commercial space" brand.

    We are a unique tent building design and manufacturing company serving customers with high quality and high quality products.

    TENTINNS (tent home) ( is Babury (Beijing) International tent Technology Co. Ltd. 2010 launch of the independent brand.

    "Tent house" has thirteen years of professional assembly type aluminum alloy mobile building manufacturing history, with the most advanced assembly type tent structure design concept.

    All along, we focus on producing the most influential high-end products, TENTINNS (tent home) is China's "Hotel tent" industry pioneer. The fusion of aesthetic architectural design, landscape design, scene design, decoration design, overview, people-oriented, to dream for the wings, from the analysis and Thinking on the angle of the development, accurately grasp the market positioning of products, all products with high price value and excellent quality quickly became the favorite brand of tent camping tourism investors.


    TENTINNS (tent home) core team from the tent product research, more than 10 years of R & D personnel, senior market personnel.

    Focusing on new technology and new product research and development, we have developed 20 tents to help scenic spots and tourist destinations to build their own unique high style hotel tent camps.

    In 2016, the mobile architecture design team from France, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States will jointly develop a tent home team more beautiful and innovative tent building, let the natural beautiful original building to achieve more beautiful dream Chinese tent.

    Culture and responsibility

    Forever environmental protection first concept, design and manufacture of natural protection, embrace the natural good products

    Tent home's wish: don't let the product leave regret, don't let the customer leave regret, don't let the tent home regret.

    No security risks! "Security and quality" is always the mission of the tent family. Hotel tents life for 10 years, plus damage against wind, pressure, anti snow pressure on the natural environment, not a rough process! The rough process separates the conversation between the people and the tent building.

    Don't cut corners! The tent family is actively exploring the use of "close to the heart fabric" and "the realization of the craft" to achieve the appeal of "exquisite tent architecture".

    Don't make up your mind! The tent family hopes that through our unremitting efforts to reconcile the contradiction between the speed of construction and the exquisite craftsmanship, we will build a tent cluster of the The Inn Boutique in china.

    Don't imagine crying! Chinese fast hotel tent camp construction will inevitably cause simple and extensive construction, and the best technology will cut and hotel building dialogue, let users imagination is shattered.

    Don't make Naomen system! The tent family's "multi group, four out" system guarantees the fine construction of all the hotel tents and tents built by the tent family.

    Research and service

    TENTINNS (tent home) industrial design innovation and manufacturing focus on tents and mobile architecture, through continuous technological innovation challenges explained our understanding of the construction of the tent, the tent to create cultural ecological system of elements in the new perspective of life aesthetics, its own mature products up to more than 20.

    13 years to do only one thing: design, manufacture tents;

    13 years of service industry: large-scale events, sports events, logistics, warehousing, large venues, automobile industry, music festival and other gluttonous feast... .

    More than 20 tent families take root in tents, professional tent buildings.

    The number of customers served exceeded 2000

    More than 20000 tents have been built

    Built the largest single tent over 4000 square meters

    Built the tallest tent over 14 meters

  • Ten years of grinding sword, brilliant cast quality


  • We are family members of the tent:

    We love what we do! Some people might think we're just doing an interesting career, but it's far from it. We work not only out of love for the architecture and design of the tents, but also because we have the power to improve the environment and the quality of life. For 13 years, this momentum has been guiding our team toward more ambitious goals.

    China tourism development power, to achieve better China dream; to create a unique accommodation and space for people who travel experience; we believe in teamwork, unity and strength; we are responsible for our situation, and focus on a sustainable future; we value innovation, never stop learning, willing to seek to share we know the content.

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